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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Team-managed projects

This chapter provides information on how to use templates in team-managed projects.

Team-managed projects differ much from company-managed projects. The main difference is that most entities, like issue types or fields, are local to a team-managed project.

Entities form different projects may have the same name, but from the technical view, they are not the same. This complicates matching entities between different projects and makes copying fields problematic.

The Issue Templates for Jira app matches issue types by name, which works well for team-managed projects. However, at the moment there is no solution for matching custom fields by name. This functionality is on top of our backlog.


Differences between company and team-managed projects that affects ITC:

  • Company-managed projects can share the same custom fields and issue types, team-managed entities are local and are not shared
  • Subtasks can’t be created directly under Epic in team-managed projects. Other issues (like Story or Task) still can have subtasks as in classic projects