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Last updated Jul 3, 2023

Template custom field on issue create screen

This chapter provides information about Template custom field on the Create issue screen.

The Issue Templates for Jira app provides a Template custom field. It’s a select-type field with the list of templates names as options. It can be used to apply a template right after the issue is created.

Jira Issue Templates
Template Custom Field

The ITC app responds to issue-created events. As soon as an issue with filled Template custom field is found, target template will be applied to the issue.

Most common use case would be to add it to the create issue screen and let users select the template in the Create issue dialog. The case is similar on the Customer Portal. You can add the Template custom field to a request type and let customers select a template, which will be applied after the ticket is submitted. Navigate to Jira Service Management chapter for more details.

Issue Templates for Jira Cloud differs from the server version. It means that selecting the template won’t cause autocompletion of fields. Jira Cloud is limited in that manner and Create issue dialog can’t be modified. Template will be applied after the issue is created.

Applying template is asynchronous, which means that you may not see the results right after the Create issue dialog is closed. It may take from a few seconds to several minutes. Refresh the issue view after a while and check the results.

Template custom field can also be used in Automation or Jira REST API.

Template custom field

You can choose a template by using Template custom field, provided by the ITC app.

Use Template custom field only in places, where Template Select is unavailable.
Don’t use Template custom field if you have already selected a template in Create issue from template dialog. If you select a template twice, it will be applied twice.

Template custom field is rendered by Jira, and its design can’t be changed. Providing new features like categories or filtering is also limited, therefore we recommend using views provided by the app, where Template Select is available.

Issue Templates for Jira Cloud: Template Custom Field
Template Custom Field