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Issue SYNC for Jira Cloud
Issue SYNC for Jira Cloud
Architecture & Versions
Last updated Nov 1, 2020


Entirely supported synchronization of issue

  • Fields
  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Workflows synchronization
  • Subtasks

Supplementary features like

  • Mapping issue types, projects and fields
  • Showing remote issue status
  • Create remote issue on demand
  • Synchronize issues that met conditions (JQL)

Advanced communication options

  • One-way & two-way mode
  • Jira: Core, Service Management, Software
  • Server <-> Cloud
  • Server <-> Server
  • Cloud <-> Cloud
  • Push & pull (Behind Firewall, Proxy, Internal Network scenarios), when communicating to Jira server
  • Internal Jira issues connection
  • Broadcast to many Jira instances


  • Using Jira native permissions
  • No admin user exchange
  • Sync only what is configured
  • Hide original field and workflow names

Some product characteristics

  • Support Jira REST API
  • Compatible between major versions to improve maintenance
  • All Jira events can trigger synchronization
  • Changes made on behalf of Technical User - (separate User Directories)
  • Sophisticated Diagnostic with Alerts and Logs Browser, where you can track all creation and updates of issues