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Issue SYNC for ServiceNow
Issue SYNC for ServiceNow
Last updated Oct 1, 2020


IssueSYNC for ServiceNow lets you seamlessly synchronize display of data between Jira and ServiceNow in a point-to-point, bidirectional integration. By boosting information exchange and simplifying communication, you can make cross-team and cross-tool cooperation more straightforward and efficient.

With IssueSYNC for ServiceNow, you can:

  • Automatically exchange data between Jira and ServiceNow.
  • Synchronize data objects, such as issues, tickets, and tasks.
  • Map fields, comments, and attachments.
  • Avoid data delay, loss, or distortion.

Once you install IssueSYNC for ServiceNow in your Jira, there is no need for additional apps on the ServiceNow side for integration. IssueSYNC for ServiceNow handles all aspects of the synchronization process.