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Queues for Jira Service Management


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Last updated Nov 14, 2017

User’s guide

This page provides information on actions which are available for all users.

Change visibility

Queues for Jira Service Management app allows to hide unnecessary queues. This is a view only for logged user. An additional benefit is that hidden queues are not refreshed, so there’s less risk that your Jira will crash or slow down due to a lot of queues refreshing in the same time. The hidden queues are collected in a dedicated folder - user can have access to them anytime.


To change visibility:

  1. Select the queue you wish to edit.
  2. Click on the eyeball icon.


A queues visibility is changed.

Sort columns

To sort issues, just click on a column header.


It can be useful especially in case of sort issues by SLAs.


SLA metrics are visible only for users with the global permissions named Jira Service agent access.

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