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Last updated Aug 4, 2021


This section provides information on how to use RTM app from Analyst’s perspecitve.

Analysts gather requirements along with the customers and Product Owners. Thanks to that, they can comprehensively create requirement’s structures in RTM app.

Navigate to Project settings > Test Management. Click + and complete fields in Details section.

YYou can choose between four RTM Issue Types (Functional Requirement, Non-functional Requirement, Business Requirement, UI Requirement) or set your own.

You can cover your requirement with available Test Cases in Test Cases section. We recommend not to create a new TCs as it is Tester’s responsibility.

Read more about Requirements here.

Analyst uses navigation tools available in Requirements section.

You can also manually move selected issues to folder or under other issue:

Alternatively, use drag and drop to order issues on the tree.

Configure your own filter to display issues with particular parameters.

Read more about Navigation tools here.

Analyst also does an impact analysis for each requirement. Thanks to that, it’s possible to quickly spot the influence of one issue on another just by looking at the relations tree structure.

Read more about Impact Analysis here.