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Last updated Aug 4, 2021

Our roadmap

From the very beginning of our RTM team, we follow the agile approach. We manage to move forward by learning from ourselves, our customers and constantly changing technologies. As a Scrum Team we are also responsible for creating a valuable, useful increment every sprint.
These assumptions prompted us to create an RTM Roadmap, where we share with you:

  • all tasks that our team’s currently working on,
  • features we’re planning to develop in the near future,
  • new ideas just came into our minds.

From now on, we would like you to take part in RTM app development by sharing your ideas and suggestions.

How can you contribute?

Navigate to our public RTM Roadmap. Columns are displayed at the top of the screen. Each one concerns different aspects.

  • Ideas - Things our team consider interesting, but are still under discussion. If you’re eager to participate in the final decision, leave a comment or vote.
  • Next - Functionalities selected to be implemented soon.
  • In progress - Displays functionalities which our team is developing at this very moment.
  • Released - All features released on the Atlassian Marketplace as for now. Check them out inside the app, we’re waiting for your feedback.
  • Future reconsideration - Some features that we discussed and decided to come back to them in the future.