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Last updated Aug 22, 2023
Jira Test Management
Requirements and Test Management for Jira app


Requirements and Test Management (RTM) for Jira is a management app that organizes and tracks testing efforts within any Jira Cloud Project. This intuitive app helps you to systematize testing process and improve the quality of the final product.

RTM brings the whole software project from requirements to production right inside the Atlassian suite. It’s based on Jira native functionalities that help seamlessly integrate testing with requirements, development, and reporting.

With RTM app user is able to create Requirements and associate them with Test Cases. Both Requirements and Test Cases are included in Test Plans and can be executed by Test Execution. RTM app supports also a Defect, which can be defined as a failure or incident that occurred during Test Case Execution.

Key features

RTM provides:

  • Optional issue types: Functional Requirement, UI Requirement, Non-functional Requirement, Business Requirement, Test Case, Test Plan, Test Execution, Defect
  • Mandatory Custom field: RTM Environment
  • Built-in requirements management
  • Detailed Test Case creation and maintenance mechanism
  • Reusable Test Plan templates
  • Easy Test Execution
  • Basic automated testing support (REST API)


  • Requirements, Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Executions and Defects are displayed as a tree. This structure helps to organize elements by creating folders, drag and dropping or adding new components. It also provides an extra settings such as Import, Expand Collapse, Refresh.
  • You can create reports like Traceability matrix, that presents correlation between any two baselined requirement types using many-to-many relationship comparison.
  • Requirement Test Coverage report displays requirements and related Test Cases, Test Plans, Test Executions, Test Case Executions and Defects.
  • With Test Execution report you can track the statuses of test cases, their overall progress and detailed information in selected Test Plans, Execution, RTM Environment, TCE Created Date, TCE Assignee.
  • The Test Case Execution report gives you the possibility to track Test Case Executions progress in specific Project, Test Execution Folder, Test Plan, Execution, RTM Environment and for particular TCE Created Date and TCE Assignee.
  • Configurable Dashboards with Test Execution and Test Case Execution reports.
  • Our app doesn’t support team-managed projects.
  • The RTM app is available in the following languages:
    • Polish
    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • French

Our app stores information depending on country where the Jira server is located. The data residency is selected at the moment of installation. For now, it’s not possible to transfer the data after installation (despite changing Jira’s data residency). We currently support two locations: US and EU (Germany). When it comes to full support for data residency in Jira apps, follow the official Jira roadmap.

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