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Last updated Aug 4, 2021

Use cases

This chapter provides information about use cases based on personas.

Testing software is a complex procedure involving people with different competencies. Each of these is responsible for a specific part of the process. Thanks to Requirements and Test Management (RTM) for Jira app their tasks can be systematized and assigned to appropriate personas:

Each organization has an administrator who’s responsible for managing permissions and settings. Right after installing and enabling the app, administrator sets up all functionalities that improve the quality and pace of work. In RTM Administrator is also accountable for configuring:

  • RTM issue types
  • step’s columns, step’s results and default step’s result
  • tree structure (enabling linking based on tree structure, showing issue keys on tree, issues auto-numbering)
  • Test Plan’s and Test Execution’s permissions (permission to execute Test Plans in particular status, blocking Test Case Executions edit after changing results of Test Execution or Test Case Execution to final one, blocking Test Execution and Test Case Execution result changing from the final one)

The analyst has the key role in the first phase of testing process. Their work is based on comprehensive analysis executed by customers and Product Owner. It begins with creating Requirements and arranging them into a structure. Analyst is also accountable for monitoring relations between Requirements and their impact on other elements.

The most significant role rests upon Testers. Starting with creating Test Cases and ending with executing whole Test Plans, Testers support every stage of the process. Their main responsibilities are:

  • maintaining Test Cases
  • linking Test Cases with Requirements and other elements (such as Test Plans)
  • building Test Plans
  • executing Test Plans (Test Execution) and Test Cases (Test Case Execution)
  • reporting test results and Defects
  • checking traceability reports

The manager controls and monitor the entire testing process by using RTM reports:

  • with traceability, Manager checks the correlation between any two baselined requirements
  • with Requirement Coverage report tracks whether requirements are already covered by Test Cases
  • with Test Case Executions and Test Execution reports tracks the progress of execution in specific Project, Test Plan, Execution, RTM Environment etc.

What’s more, Manager checks and prioritizes Defects discovered during the procedure.