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Slack Feed Macro

Jira Cloud
Last updated Jun 18, 2019

User’s guide

Slack Feed Macro uses conversations from Slack channels, which can be published on target Confluence page.


  1. Edit or start creating Confluence page.
  2. Click on Insert more content icon.
  3. Select View more.
  4. Choose Slack Feed Macro for Confluence Cloud.
  5. Click Sign in with Slack to authorize.
    You will be redirected to Slack page.
  6. Log in to your workspace.
  7. Click Install.
    Slack Feed Macro has been added.
  8. Click on pencil icon to edit.
  9. In Channel section, choose which channel shall be displayed.
  10. In Show channel feed section, choose a period.
    For example, if you want to display messages from 14th of May 2018 to 17th of May 2018, click on calendar and select dates.

  11. Click Save.

    Messages from selected period will be displayed on Confluence page.