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TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool

Jira Cloud
Last updated Sep 28, 2017

Getting started

Find TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

For the purpose of this documentation short name TestFLO will be used instead of the full name TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool.

TestFLO is a simple solution that allows to extend Jira issues with the Steps panel and reusable Steps Repository.

To use TestFLO follow these simple steps:

  1. Select an issue type in the Global Configuration in which the Steps panel will be available. TestFLO Cloud: Select the issue type for Steps panel
  2. Enable TestFLO in Jira project by simply clicking on the slider. TestFLO Cloud: Slider to enable TestFLO
  3. Create a Repository of Steps to be able to use the Sets of Steps, that will be frequently used in issues.
    TestFLO Cloud: Create Repository of Steps
  4. Add steps to chosen issue in a project:
    • Create a new issue of the type set in the Global Configuration as available for steps.
    • In the Steps panel, add steps one by one or use previously created step sets from the Test Step Repository.
      TestFLO Cloud: Add steps
  5. Execute steps:
    • Open an issue with steps created on it.
    • Set the status of subsequent steps according to the step execution outcome.
    • Add comments, attach files and create defects.
      TestFLO Cloud: Execute steps

To read more about the customization of steps fields, go to the Steps View settings.

Plan the Tests Structure in a way that best corresponds to the requirements.

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