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TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool

Jira Cloud
Last updated Sep 28, 2017

Global Configuration

This page provides information about the TestFLO Global Configuration.

In the Global Configuration it is possible to choose issue types, for which Steps panel will be available and view a summary of TestFLO Cloud app in Jira.

Issue types

The configuration of the issue types available for creating Steps refers to every project created in Jira.


To add issue types to the configuration:

  1. Go to the Jira Administration > Add-ons.
  2. Select Configuration from the menu in the app section.
  3. Click on the Issue types field.
    TestFLO Cloud: Issue types configuration
  4. Select one or more issue types from the list.

    TestFLO Cloud: Select issue types available for creating Steps

    In case of a large number of projects, just enter a name to search. This field works like a search bar.

  5. Click Save.


Steps panel is available for added issue type/s.


Under the Issue Types section, there is a table summarizing TestFLO Cloud app in Jira for every single project.

This section contains information about:

  • TestFLO status (On/Off)
  • Roles allowed to create and edit steps (Role)
  • Number of issues with steps created in the Steps panel (Issue count)
  • Number of step sets in the Test Steps Repository (Sets count)
    TestFLO Cloud: Table summarizing all projects

In the Action column, there are Configuration links, that leads to the Project Configuration of the chosen project.