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TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool

Jira Cloud
Last updated Sep 28, 2017

Project Configuration

This page provides information about the TestFLO configuration in the project.

Creating properties in TestFLO (like the steps’ look or permission) can be set differently for every project and it is done by the Project Configuration.


TestFLO Cloud is an app, that can be activated for each project.


To activate TestFLO:

  1. Go to the project view and choose Project settings.
  2. Select TestFLO from the menu.
    TestFLO Cloud: Slider to enable app
  3. Click the TestFLO availability slider.

    There is only one slider, that activates/deactivates the app. It is off by default.


TestFLO is available with all project configuration options.

TestFLO Cloud: View of project configuration

Issue Types With Steps

This section shows a view of the issue types with the Steps panel enabled.

TestFLO Cloud: List of issue with Steps panel enabled


To set the issue types, click on the Change in Global Configuration link.

Using Repository of Steps from other Projects

This section allows to use an existing Sets of Steps from another project.


To use a repository of step sets from other Project/s:

  1. Click on the Projects field.
    TestFLO Cloud: Use repository from other projects
  2. Select one or more projects from the list.

    In case of a large number of projects, just enter a name to search. This field works like a search bar.


    Only projects with enabled TestFLO are listed.

    TestFLO Cloud: List of projects
  3. Click Save.


Selected projects have been saved. Now repositories from other projects are also available in this project.

Permission settings

Select a role, that will be able to add and edit steps in the Roles allowed to create and edit Steps field.


In almost every project, different users have different roles. Also in TestFLO Cloud, it may be necessary to set various groups of users e.g. Tester, Test Lead, Manager. To accomplish this, use the mechanisms listed below:


To grant permission for a specific role to create or edit Steps:

  1. Click on the selection list and choose a role.
  2. Click Save below Steps View.


Selected role has permission to create and edit Steps.

Steps View

This section allows to set custom labels for every field in a step and decide how to display it.

TestFLO Cloud: Configuration of Steps view


Decide how to display Steps on the issue. Set the state of Collapsed switch to on to collapse steps or to off to expand steps.

Figure: Collapsed Steps view

TestFLO Cloud: Collapsed Steps view

Figure: Expanded Steps view

TestFLO Cloud: Expanded Steps view

Steps labels

Set your own labels in text fields or leave them unchanged. Figure: Result of fields configuration

TestFLO Cloud: Steps field labels configuration
TestFLO Cloud: Result of fields configuration

Fields left blank will not appear on the Step view.

Below the frame of Steps View three buttons are displayed:

  • Save to accept changes.
  • Set Defaults to return to the default settings.
  • Cancel to discard changes.
TestFLO Cloud: Buttons of project configuration