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TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool

Jira Cloud
Last updated Sep 28, 2017

Steps design

This page describes how to create and modify steps.


To add new steps and modify ones, that already exist, log in as a user with the proper permissions given by Project Administrator.


Use previously created Sets of Steps to avoid writing common steps again and again.


Steps can be only added after creating the issue. This action is not available on Create Issue Screen.

Adding Steps


To add Steps to the Test Case:

  1. Go to the issue and click Enter Edit Mode in the Steps panel to start managing steps.

    TestFLO Cloud: Steps edit mode
    In the middle of the frame two buttons appear.
    TestFLO Cloud: Buttons for adding Steps

  2. Click Add First Step to open the form of the first step and fill the form.

    TestFLO Cloud: View of first step

  3. If the Test Steps Repository contains any Sets of Steps, add them by clicking Add From Repository. Pick a set from the list. Steps from that set will be added to the step list.

    TestFLO Cloud: Adding Steps from repository

    Only sets with steps are displayed in the list. Empty sets will not appear.

    Now you can freely manage these steps - any changes you make, will not affect the set itself. Steps added from the repository are only a copy of the original step set.

  4. Add more steps:

    • Click Next Step to add more rows in the Steps panel. It is located under every single step and allows to add another step directly after the one above.
    • Click Next Step to add new step anywhere you want.
    • Click From Repository to use a Set of Steps.
    • Click First Step to add a row over the first step. An empty row will appear above it.
      TestFLO Cloud: Adding more Steps
  5. Click Save And Exit to complete designing steps.


Steps have been added to the Steps field.

Modifying/Deleting Steps

  • Click Enter Edit Mode to modify Steps created previously.
    TestFLO Cloud: Modify Steps
  • To change the order of the steps, use the drag and drop feature.
    TestFLO Cloud: Changing the order of the Steps
  • Click trash icon to delete selected step.
    TestFLO Cloud: Delete Step
  • Click copy icon to copy selected step.
    TestFLO Cloud: Copy Step

It is possible to use two different types of links so that the user can go directly to the website by clicking the link.

Figure: Edit mode

TestFLO Cloud: Weblinks support

Figure: Result on Test Case execution view with links

TestFLO Cloud: Result on Test Case execution view with links