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TestFLO - Jira Test Management & QA Tool

Jira Cloud
Last updated Sep 28, 2017

Tests Structure approaches

This page describes what concepts of test structures can be created using TestFLO Cloud app.

After installing Testflo Cloud app, it may raise a question of how to use the app in the most efficient way? Of course the approach depends on requirements, project specifics, testing skills and experience of team members. However, several solutions have been developed, that may be helpful in project organization. Check out the list below and pick one or try to adapt the approach used so far.


This solution is one of the most common for the teams starting their test management process with TestFLO Cloud.

Key features are listed below:

  • It is simple to understand.
  • It is easy to introduce to the project.
  • Issues with steps serve as test cases (TC).
  • Each step is a single instruction for TC execution.
  • It can be adapted to almost every project.


To manage the test management in a more structured way, use the approach that extends the previous one.

Key features are listed below:

  • It introduces a parent issue (for example, Story, Epic) gathering TCs as subtasks.
  • TCs are designed in the same way as in the basic solution.
  • The parent issue serves as a test plan (TP).
  • It is a better test organization.
  • It allows to group TCs under certain criteria.
  • The parent issue can be a requirement.


Last approach is different from those introduced so far, but correctly implemented can be an advantage.

Key features are listed below:

  • Steps are used as TCs.
  • Issues with steps serve as TPs.
  • Testers have to know the product under test well.
  • Steps repository is a test case repository.
  • Step description can be a numbered list or a verbal description.
  • Comments, attachments and defects on the step provide less information.
  • It allows to faster TC development.