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Trophy - gamification for Jira
Trophy - gamification for Jira
Release Notes
Last updated Apr 25, 2022
Jira gamification platform - Trophy
Jira gamification app - Trophy


Trophy for Jira is a gamification tool which encourages motivation and productivity through friendly rivalry and reward system. It can ease the introduction of new or modification of existing processes whilst improving team efficiency. Trophy can also inspire a community of employees involved in company life and satisfied with their work.

Key features

  • Highly customizable games, suitable for every kind of work environment
  • Actions that enable scoring points for everyday activities in Jira
  • Ranks and achievements with custom thresholds
  • Global ranking of players
  • Personal player’s profile with various charts and activity history
  • Public profiles of other players
  • Metrics page where you can track live activity of the players or review various charts that give more insight into the game’s dynamics
  • Work calendars which allow for restricting actions and can be applied to the charts for better overview
  • Notifications on each new earned achievement

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Find Trophy for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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