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Trophy - gamification for Jira
Trophy - gamification for Jira
Release Notes
Last updated Jul 9, 2020


Trophy for Jira encourages motivation and productivity through gamification with friendly rivalry and rewards.

**Trophy for Jira** is a gamification app which encourages motivation and productivity through friendly rivalry and rewards.
For leaders and managers, **Trophy for Jira** provides aid in consolidating processes and rules deployed across teams or organizations. It can ease introduction of new, or modification of existing processes. Furthermore, **Trophy** provides a new way to both encourage and measure efficiency.
For employees, **Trophy for Jira** introduces a unique game-like layer of achievements for effectively performing everyday tasks, thus boosting results. Moreover, it can increase employee satisfaction and pride in their work. It also rewards loyalty and helps build attachment to the company.
Through the form of a game, **Trophy for Jira** inspires a community of employees involved in company life. At the same time, it takes away negative perceptions of Jira actions as mundane.
With **Trophy for Jira**, users can:
  • score points for specific actions in Jira.
  • be awarded with ranks after crossing point thresholds.
  • be awarded with achievements for excelling in specific actions.
  • view a global ranking of users, including points and ranks.
  • view public profiles of other players, including ranking position, points, ranks, achievements, points history chart, and activity history.
  • view their personal Trophy for Jira profile, including points, ranks, achievements - current and in progress, activity history, and points history chart.
  • subscribe to native web browser notifications on desktop about their Trophy progress.

With **Trophy for Jira**, Jira administrators can:
  • invite users and user groups as players.
  • set roles for players, visible to everyone.
  • specify which actions in Jira carry points, and how many.
  • manually grant points to selected players.
  • create custom ranks tailored to your company profile. You can create themes - laid back, like Wizards or Knights, or formal, like Experts.
  • specify point thresholds for ranks.
  • award achievements for specified point scores on selected actions.
  • customize achievement icons by uploading images.

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