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Active Directory Attributes Sync
Active Directory Attributes Sync
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Last updated Jul 20, 2017

Presenting synchronized data on Customer Portal

Synchronized data from Active Directory can be displayed on Customer Portal. It allows, for example, to improve communication thanks to presenting additional information, such as telephone number to the ticket’s creator.


To present synchronized data on Customer Portal:

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Issues.
  2. Select Custom fields from the menu in the Fields section.
  3. Go to [Deviniti] User’s attribute from Active Directory (AD) custom field.
  4. Select Configure.
    Configure Custom Field: User’s attributes screen is displayed.
  5. Select Edit options.
  6. Select Show in Customer Portal.
  7. Click Save.


Synchronized data is displayed on Customer Portal.

Figure: Ticket on Customer Portal with synchronized data from Active Directory

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