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Active Directory Attributes Sync
Active Directory Attributes Sync
Release notes
Last updated Sep 27, 2020


All fields to synchronize are listed in this section. To edit field, click the pencil icon. To remove field, click the cross icon.

Before you start


Before you start, log in as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.


To add a new field to synchronize:

  1. Click Add field.
    The Add field dialog box appears.
  2. Configure the following.
  • Field in AD: Select field in Active Directory which you want to synchronize.

    Fields in Active Directory correspond to LDAP attributes. For more information, see Common AD/LDAP Field Mappings.

  • Contains user: Select this option if the attribute contains a DN of another AD user (for example, a manager).

    When choosing this option you will be able to display a DN of one user or a list of DNs (for example, one or more managers).

  • Field in Jira: Select field in Jira where data from synchronized field will be stored.
  • Visibility: Select where synchronized data will be shown: in the User profile and/or the Hover profile.

    For more information, see official Atlassian documentation.

  • Create options: Select if only all values from Active Directory for this field will be converted to options in custom field of select type.
  • Custom field: Select custom field to store options. It is only visible when Create options is selected.
  • Sort values in CF: Select to sort values It is only visible when Create options is selected.
  • Description: Enter short description which is shown as a hint in the User profile page.
  1. Click Save.


New field to synchronize is added.