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Active Directory Attributes Sync
Active Directory Attributes Sync
Release notes
Last updated Jul 20, 2017

Use cases

This page provides information on some specific use cases for Active Directory Attributes Sync app.

Acceptance process

Use value from the manager field in the Active Directory to the workflow condition named Only User From AD. Adding a permission condition makes that simple acceptance process is based on data synchronized from Active Directory.

Escalation details

Are you waiting for an issue to be done but you do not know who is responsible for it? Check who is the supervisor and call him directly. Use attribute’s value from Active Directory, such as telephone number or name of supervisor. Read more about presenting synchronized data in Jira issue or on Customer Portal.

You can also display these attributes on hover profile. In this case, remember to select Hover profile checkbox in the Fields section in the Connection.

Contact details

Check each Jira user’s contact details whenever you need them. Check telephone number, position, or any field you want.

Move employee to new department

Does your department change name? Did your employee move to the another department? Update data in Active Directory in an easy way thanks to self-service help desk feature provided by our app. Use Update Data post function.

Up-to-date list of departments

Don’t waste time for creating list of departments manually in Jira! Synchronize all data in selected fields by clicking Synchronize button. For more about fields, see our documentation.

Grouping tickets

Group all tickets created by your team. Using the JQL function, search all issues where reporters are from your team or your department.

Access management

It is easy to grant access to particular places in Jira by using Active Directory groups. Use Update Data post function to add or remove users from specific groups.

Using the JQL function

Use JQL function to search for tickets created by people from office X or tickets assigned to people whose manager is John Smith.

Personalized email notifications

Use user’s attributes from Active Directory in e-mail templates. Read more about creating personalized email notifications.