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Approvals - Advanced Issue Acceptance
Approvals - Advanced Issue Acceptance
Release notes
Last updated May 4, 2020


Approvals - Advanced Issue Acceptance lets you validate issue status transitions with approvals

Approvals - Advanced Issue Acceptance offers you the possibility of validating transitions of issue statuses by enforcing review and requiring approvals. This way, you get more insight into each issue, encourage teamwork, save time, and improve quality by assuring that only approved transitions are made.

With Approvals - Advanced Issue Acceptance you can:

  • easily create individual approval requirements for a specific project, issue type, and status.
  • prevent execution of selected issue status transitions without required approvals.
  • require a specific number of approvals on a transition.
  • specify which users can approve each step for transition.
  • swiftly edit approval schemas.
  • invite reviewers to partake in review by email.
  • customize the template for review invitation emails.
  • allow reviewers to revoke their approvals.
  • require reviewers to provide reason for rejecting an approval.
  • display the required number of approvals in a dedicated panel in Issue View.
  • view approval history on issues.

To get started with Approvals - Advanced Issue Acceptance, see Configuration Overview.