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Last updated Jun 17, 2021

Java API: Troubleshooting

Find solutions for most common problems with the Bundled Fields Java API

  • Currently we don’t support ScriptRunner’s Behaviours.
  • To find available Java API methods and get more information about what’s supported, go the main Java API chapter.
  • To see an example of a Bundled Fields' JSON structure and descriptions of the attributes, go to Examples and definitions.

Cases that throw exceptions

Here’s a list of the most common error sources:

  • Providing a data type that is not compatible with the configured subfield’s type.
  • Exceeding the character limit (255) in a text field (single-line).
  • Trying to set a value for the separator (which is a technical field).
  • Providing a non-existent option as a value.
  • Providing a userKey of a non-existent user.
  • Providing a non-existent subfield name.
  • Providing a non-existent group index.
  • Providing an empty value for a required subfield.
  • Providing a value that is not compatible with the defined formatting, regular expression, or value mask.
  • Trying to exceed the configured number of groups for an issue.
  • Trying to create a new group without a required subfield.
  • Trying to perform an operation on a Bundled Field that hasn’t been configured (no configuration of such field has ever been saved).
  • Error during form validation while trying to update the issue (the possible reason may be a globally required field that hasn’t been filled).


You may encounter the following exception while using both Dynamic Forms for Jira and Extension for Jira Service Management in your Jira instance:

2021-05-31 08:57:18,127 ERROR [common.UserScriptEndpoint]: Script console script failed:
org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'com.deviniti.plugins.bundledfields.api.issue.BundledFieldImpl@67c66bcf' with class 'com.deviniti.plugins.bundledfields.api.issue.BundledFieldImpl' to class 'com.deviniti.plugins.bundledfields.api.issue.BundledField'

Problem description

The problem comes from the fact that in a Groovy script, you can only import a class definition from one source at a time (for example, the BundledField class, as in the case below). Such a class definition is cached via the Groovy Script Engine. Then it is used in the context of the Bundled Fields component in all scripts - for both Dynamic Forms and Extension.

Therefore, the GroovyCastException will occur every time a Groovy script uses a Bundled Fields’ class definition from the other app.


You can solve this problem by using the def type instead of a class.

For example, when you get the GroovyCastException generated by such a script:

import com.deviniti.plugins.bundledfields.api.issue.BundledField
import com.intenso.jira.plugin.customfield.bundledfields.api.issue.BundledFieldDFService
import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.customisers.PluginModule
import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.customisers.WithPlugin
import org.apache.log4j.Logger
import org.apache.log4j.Level


String ISSUE_KEY = "BFT2-14";
String DF_BF_CUSTOM_FIELD_ID = "customfield_10700";

BundledFieldDFService bundledFieldDFService
log.debug("bundledFieldService: " + bundledFieldDFService)

BundledField df_bf = bundledFieldDFService.getBundledField(ISSUE_KEY, DF_BF_CUSTOM_FIELD_ID)
log.debug("df_bf.groups: " + df_bf.getGroups())

instead of using this class for getting a bundled field:

BundledField df_bf = bundledFieldDFService.getBundledField(ISSUE_KEY, DF_BF_CUSTOM_FIELD_ID)

you can use this script:

def df_bf = bundledFieldDFService.getBundledField(ISSUE_KEY, DF_BF_CUSTOM_FIELD_ID)
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