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Dynamic Forms for Jira
Dynamic Forms for Jira
Version 6.x
Version 5.x and older
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Last updated Mar 7, 2023

Migrate Custom Field to Dynamic Field

This chapter provides information on how migrate custom field to Dynamic Field.

Existing custom fields (Select, Radio buttons, Checkboxes, Multiselect) can be converted into Dynamic Select. All values related to Jira issues will stay intact.


  1. Go to Jira Administration > Manage apps.
  2. Select Migrate CF to Dynamic Field from the menu in the Dynamic Forms section.
  3. Select custom field from the drop down list.
  4. Choose a destination type:
    a. For Single value fields : Dynamic Select, Dynamic Radio Buttons, Secured Select.
    b. For Cascading select fields: Dynamic Cascading Select.
    c. For Multi value fields: Dynamic Checkboxes, Dynamic Multiselect.
  5. Click Migrate.
    Dynamic Forms for Jira - Migrate Custom Field to Dynamic Field
    Dynamic Forms for Jira - Migrate Custom Field to Dynamic Field
    To finish migration you will have to restart Jira. After that you can configure your migrated selects.


Configuration is migrated to Dynamic Field. The source field is deleted.

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