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Last updated Sep 17, 2023
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Extension for Jira Service Management is the most wanted feature bundle for your Customer Portal. It improves security, usability and appearance of the solution to help teams providing top-notch customer support. The app allows to display more issue details on the Customer Portal, set up permissions for various elements and build dynamic request forms.

Key features

  • Bundled Fields which enable you to bundle all information into one custom field and use related advanced settings.
  • Dynamic Forms which serve for creating dynamic request forms that display or hide fields based on user input.
  • User Synchronization thanks to which you can synchronize organizations and Jira groups by using three available types of synchronization.
  • the Issue View options that allow you to display the issue view with configured SLA data only to selected user groups and add three available types of post functions.
  • the Customer Portal options which enable you to define projects’ visibility, organize requests by dividing request types’ lists into columns, determine request types’ visibility and add links in different scopes to be visible on the Customer Portal.
  • the Request Form options which relate to adding additional custom fields, setting visibility and requirements of fields, determining fields’ options for different user groups and exploiting the specific field functionalities.
  • the Request Details View options thanks to which you can configure the display of additional information about requests for your Customer Portal users, export requests to files, hide the remove participants option and determine organizations to share requests with.

Get the app

If you are interested in purchasing our app, find Extension for Jira Service Management on the Atlassian Marketplace or contact our Sales Department at Also, check out the Cloud or Data Center version of the app.

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