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Last updated Jan 23, 2020


Extension for Jira Service Management is the most wanted feature bundle for your Customer Portal. It improves security, usability and appearance of the solution to help teams providing top-notch customer support. The app allows to display more issue details on the Customer Portal, set up permissions for various elements and build dynamic request forms.

Key features

  • Bundled Fields: Allows to bundle all information into one custom field. You can also use data from Bundled Fields in Script Runner.
  • Dynamic Forms: Create forms on the Customer Portal which will be dynamically changed. Custom fields can be hidden or displayed depending on the previous selection.
  • Multilevel Structure: Build a structure of custom fields and make the list much shorter.
  • User Synchronization: Configure organizations and Jira groups synchronization. Three types of synchronization are available: Adding customers to Jira groups automatically, Adding Jira groups to Organization and Creating Organizations based on Jira groups.
  • Issue View: Create the SLA which will be visible in the issue view only for selected groups. You can add also three types of post functions: Add user’s IP address, Restart SLA and Update SLA to date.
  • Customer Portal: You can use Split Column by dividing a list of request types into two columns and Request Types visibility by defining for whom the selected service project should be visible on the Customer Portal. You can also add links at the top of the screen on the Customer Portal in three scopes: global, shared and project.
  • Request Form: Extension for Jira Service Management offers two additional custom fields: Request Participants and Organizations. Fields visibility allows to define for which groups selected field will be visible in the request types. You can also decide which fields will be required or optional by using Remove optional and Required fields features. Options visibility function allows to add options which will be visible only for selected groups. Fill User Picker allows to add fields which will be filled in with the currently logged user. In addition, if you want to remove None label from selected fields, use Remove None feature.
  • Request Details View: You can customize the request details view to show selected fields. Show Assignee feature allows to show assignee in the request. If you want to show attachments panel in the request, use Show Attachments function. Show issue date allows to show issue dates in selected request types. If you want to set a condition for SLA which will be visible only for selected groups, use Show SLAs option. Issue Links enables to present issues linked to the current issues. Our app offers also two additional features: Export Issue which allows to export selected issue to the .doc file and Hide Remove Participants enabling restrict access to removing participants from selected request types.
  • My Requests List: Export list feature allows to export a list from My Requests List. In addition, if you want to show SLAs on My Requests List, use Show SLAs.

Get the app

If you are interested in purchasing our app, find Extension for Jira Service Management on the Atlassian Marketplace or contact our Sales Department at Also, check out the Cloud or Data Center version of the app.

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