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Last updated Jan 8, 2024

Configuration Manager for Jira

Learn how Extension is compatible with Configuration Manager for Jira.

Configuration Manager for Jira is a powerful app that allows you to manage configuration changes conveniently and automatically transfer them between different Jira instances. In case you need to use the functionality of Extension for Jira Service Management across different environments, you can transfer the Visibility and Dynamic Forms configurations straight to another instance or project, without having to go through the setup process again. For further details on how that compatibility works, visit Integration Rules.

Common Use Cases

Project Template

If you frequently create service projects and need to complete the same configuration, you can create a project snapshot which contains the Dynamic Forms and Visibility configurations as a reusable template. You can then recreate the same configuration as many times as you need.

Migration between existing project and a new service project
Transfer the Extension configuration to a new service project

Update an existing project configuration

When you make changes to the Extension configuration in one of the existing service projects, you can transfer it to another existing project in the same Jira instance.

Migration between existing service projects
Transfer the Extension configuration between existing service projects


For more examples of use cases, visit the Configuration Manager documentation.

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