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Last updated Jul 27, 2018

Export configuration

This page provides information on exporting configuration of Dynamic Forms.

You can export configuration of Dynamic Forms to .json file. This is helpful when importing configuration to another Jira instance or creating a back-up.


Global configuration which is used in projects won’t be exported. However, if you want to export it, change global configuration into project one.


To export global configuration, log in as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.


To export configuration:

  1. Go to Dynamic Forms section.
  2. In the left sidebar click •••.
  3. Select Export configuration.

Figure: Export global configuration

Extension for Jira Service Desk: Export global configuration
Export global configuration

Figure: Export project configuration

Extension for Jira Service Desk: Export project configuration
Export project configuration


Configuration is exported to .json file which is saved on your computer.

A file naming convention provides the following elements: feature (Dynamic Forms - DF), date (DD_MM_YYYY), time (HH_MM). For example: DF_30_07_2018_15_02.json.

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