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Last updated Aug 27, 2020


Set up your template in the context of other projects.

In the Context tab you can determine the way your template works in other projects. You may want to automatically generate sub-tasks from a template, create issues in different projects, or use JQL criteria to create an issue.

Scroll down to see descriptions of each option:

Issue Templates for Jira - Template Details: Context
Issue Templates for Jira - Template Details: Context
  1. Target project and issue type
    If you want your template to create new Jira issues in a different project, choose the project and the issue type of those future issues. They will be created together with the issue generated by your template.


    This feature is particularly useful for complex processes, like a new employee onboarding. One Story of an Epic can be automatically created in an HR project and the other one in an IT Support project, together with all sub-tasks related to hardware, accounts and access rights.

    • Choosing a template on the Create issue screen always overrides the choice made in this tab. For example, if you set up a template to create a Story in the HR Project and select the same template on the Create issue screen in the IT Support project, the Story will only be created in the IT Support project.
    • In order to copy sub-tasks or create more complex structures of issues you need to add the post function Create Structure to the target project’s workflow.
  2. JQL Criteria
    Here you can create issues from a template using JQL. This option is available only for the Story issue type.


    Learn more about JQL capabilities within Issue Templates here.

  3. Copy sub-tasks
    By default all sub-tasks from your template will be generated together with the new issue. Switch off the toggle if you’d like to stop them from being created (they will not be deleted - only disabled).


    Sub-tasks always get created in the same project as their parent issue.