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Issue Templates for Jira

Jira Server
Last updated Oct 26, 2018

Copy Epic

This section provides information on how to use Copy Epic feature.


Install Jira Software to use Copy Epic post function.

While using Copy Epic, you will be able to create an epic template with stories.


Remember to check whether you have an epic and story in your project issue type scheme.

Before you start, make sure you have Copy Epic post function in your project’s workflow. This feature also copies sub-tasks inside stories, without an additional post function.


  1. Create an epic template in your template’s repository and fill in necessary fields.
  2. Click Create.

    Your epic template is saved. Now, you are able to create stories.
  3. Click on ‘+’ in Issues in Epic.

  4. Select issue type from the drop down list and fill in fields.
  5. Click Create.


You can create plenty of issues, for example stories. Your epic template can even have a separate sub-tasks (supported by Copy sub-tasks post function). It depends on your needs.

In Epic template’s structure, story has a separate Agile tab in Issue Templates Details section. Issues, that are defined for Epic are available as a regular templates. To prevent using Epic’s issues as templates, switch the Only for Epic toggle to on.
If you prefer to also copy sub-tasks from story in template to a new issue, switch copy Sub-task toggle to on.


Publish all tasks and sub-tasks, if you’d like to use them. You can change Disable/Enable template post function and add it to another transition in workflow at any time.


All created tasks and stories are now available as regular templates. You can use them in the future as separate issue templates.

Issues created from Epic template will have the same Story order as in the source template.

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