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Release notes
Last updated Oct 26, 2018
This post function is active but no longer recommended. We encourage you to use the Create Structure post function in all new projects.

Copy sub-tasks

This section provides information on how to use copy sub-task feature.

Issue Templates application allows user to copy sub-tasks from template to a new issue. If you follow our guideline, you will be able to create template with sub-tasks and apply both to a new issue.


Before you start, make sure you added Copy sub-task post function to the workflow. Read more here.

After configuring your workflow, create a template or go to existing one.


  1. Open More > Create sub-task.
  2. Complete fields in sub-template pop-up window and click Create.
  3. Open newly created sub-task.
  4. Click on Set of fields. Select a Set of fields from the drop down list.

    Don’t leave Empty Values in Set of fields.


    Set of fields for sub-task must contain Summary field.

  5. Click on Create conditions. In this tab, you can add a stage to sub-task. This option allows to automatically generate a sub-task, when a template issue passes a transition in workflow. Stage feature supports only sub-tasks.
To configure this field:

a. Type preferred transition into the tab. It can be ‘ON_CREATE’, ‘ON_CLOSE’ or even ‘IN_PROGRESS’.

b. Add a Stage to Copy sub-task post function in workflow by clicking on pencil in Copy sub-task tab and selecting stage from drop down list.


Remember, values from Copy sub-task post function and stage must be the same.

Example: you’d like to have a visible sub-task after the issue creation. Type ‘ON_CREATE’ into the Stages field, in Create Conditions. Add ‘on create’ to the stage in Copy sub-task post function in Create workflow’s transition. Copy sub-task post function will intuitively match sub-task with a transition.

If you don’t select any stage, all sub-tasks with empty stage filed will be copied.

7. Choose Create Criteria Query (optional). You can use Jira Query Language (JQL) to create sub-tasks.


Create Criteria Query refers to a parent issue. Sub-task will be visible only when a template fulfils certain conditions. Read more about JQL here.

For example, if parent’s priority changes to critical, sub-task creates automatically.

Sub-tasks use case

This subsection summarise information about sub-tasks and shows example of usage.

To sum up, with Issue Templates for Jira you will be able to use sub-tasks as sub-templates and configure them (with own Set of fields and Criteria Conditions).

Imagine you’re working in marketing department. You have to prepare an annual health campaign. Members of your team are experts in many fields, so most of them have different tasks within the department. How can you quickly organise whole campaign?

Before you start, go to Set of fields section in your Template’s Repository project settings. If you prefer to use your own Set of fields, select it from the list. You can also create a new one.

Switch on read-only, overwrite or alternative source, according to your needs.

  1. Create a template with sub-tasks or use existing one.

  2. Prepare Set of fields for your template. Let’s choose summary, priority and description for autocomplete set of fields. Set of fields for copy can be selected from the list.

  3. Open your sub-task.

  4. Choose a set of fields for sub-tasks.

  5. Open Create Conditions.

  6. Choose a stage, where your sub-task can appear.

    Let’s make this sub-task visible on create transition. Fill in the status of stage. Prepare the rest of sub-tasks. We can make our last sub-task visible on close transition.

  7. Publish your tasks and sub-tasks.

  8. Add Copy sub-task and Copy Values post function to a target transitions in workflow, in your marketing project.

Remember to add a Stage to post function. Select a stage compatible with your sub-tasks (ON_CREATE, ON_CLOSE). In From template select field, you can leave Default or choose Annual Health Campaign. Publish edited workflow.

As a result, we can use prepared template in marketing project.
Let’s close our task. Closing posts sub-task appeared.

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