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Last updated Oct 26, 2018

Copy Values

This section provides information about Copy values feature.

This post function is active but no longer recommended. We encourage you to use the Create Structure post function in all new projects. In order to use the same function, please select the Modify Current Issue mode when applying the Create Structure post function.

Copy Values allows to fill in fields in new issue with pre-defined values from template. Once the issue passes a transition with specific post function in workflow, values are automatically copied from the template.


Copy is a different feature than Autocomplete. In Set of fields for Copy, you choose fields that will be copied when a particular transition occurs, without using a template field. Autocomplete functions only after selecting a template in field.

Remember to add fields defined in the Set of fields to the target screen.


Before you start using Copy Values, configure it with following instruction:

  1. Go to existing template or create a new one.
  2. Open Set of fields section in Issue Template Details.
  3. Select a Set of fields in Copy.

    If you would like to configure your Set of fields for Copy, read more here.

  4. Go to your project’s settings.
  5. Open workflow.
  6. Choose a transition, in which values should be copied from the template.
  7. Click on post functions on a right sidebar.
  8. Click on add post function.
  9. Find Copy Values and add it to the list.
  10. Publish template.

    Copy Values overwrites fields even if they are filled in by a user.

    For example, you set Copy Values post function on create transition and start creating an issue. You fill in fields pre-defined in Set of fields for Copy with your own data and choose a template.
    After clicking on Create, you see that your fields are overwritten with values from Copy.

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