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Issue Templates for Jira

Jira Server
Last updated Oct 26, 2018

Create Issue post function

This section provides information on how to use Create Issue post function.

As soon as your issue passes a transition in workflow, another issue from template can be created in selected project automatically.


To configure Create issue post function:

  1. Open project settings.
  2. Click on Workflow.
  3. Select target transition, for example In progress.
  4. Choose post functions on a right sidebar.

  5. Click Add post function .
  6. Find Create Issue and add it to the list.
  7. Complete fields.

Name Description Example
Project Choose a project, where new issue created from template will appear. Service Desk Project
Issue Type Select issue type of new issue. Make sure selected type exist in selected project. Task
Template Selected template will be applied to new issue Create new documentation
Set current date/add days Set current date to Due date and/or add number of days, if necessary. Set current date to Due date and add 5 days
Issue Link Type Choose issue link type which newly created Issue should be linked with current Issue Duplicate
Revert linking direction Change the linking direction Select Revert linking direction, so that the current issue will be blocked by the new issue

When a user links two issues together:

  • the outward link applies to unselected Revert linking direction (The newly issue is blocked by current issue.).
  • the inward link applies to selected Revert linking direction (The current issue is blocked by the newly issue.).

Remember to Publish your workflow if you want to save configuration.


New issue is automatically created in selected project, when the issue passes a transition in workflow.