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Last updated Apr 16, 2023

About Create Structure

Create a bunch of subtasks, stories and linked issues (even in different Jira projects) from one template, by one click

The Create Structure post function allows you to add additional values from a template to your issue. You can create new tasks or construct a complex structure of issues based on a template. All that is possible while creating a new issue or performing any other workflow transition.

It combines all the possibilities of older post functions: Create Issue, Copy Subtasks, Copy from Epic and Copy Values.

What’s new is that Create Structure allows you to copy the exact hierarchy of linked issues during a workflow transition.


Basic use

  • creating subtasks
  • creating stories under an epic
  • creating other linked issues
  • copying values of any Jira field and most of the third-party custom fields (see Supported fields)

Advanced use

  • creating additional subtasks when performing different transitions on the issue (“staging” the subtask)
  • creating an additional issue (or more complex structure of issues) in another project during the Create Issue transition or any other workflow transition


Create Structure is useful for any task that requires creating more than one issue from a template, such as recurring events or a new employee’s onboarding.

The below infographic shows how a template created in the Templates project (TEMP) creates a structure of issues in the target project Business Trips (BTR):

Jira Issue Templates - Create Structure
Issue Templates for Jira - Create Structure

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