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Last updated Apr 16, 2023

Disable Template post function

Manage your templates’ availability with a dedicated post function

Adding the Disable Template post function to a transition overrides all other availability settings and makes the template unavailable in all contexts. The post function has two modes:

  • Disable - if the checkbox is checked, the post function disables all templates upon the chosen transition
  • Enable - if the checkbox isn’t checked, all templates passing the transition will be automatically enabled

By default, the post function is added to the Template and Sub-Template issue types, on the Create transition, in the Enable mode (the checkbox is always unchecked).


Even though you disable all templates in the Default Availability settings, the post function in the Enable mode will make them available again when they pass a particular transition.


Move the post function above the Re-index step to make sure that the newly created templates won’t be saved as enabled in the database.

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