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Last updated Oct 26, 2018

Jira Service Desk

This section provides information on how to use Issue Templates in Service Desk.

Jira Service Desk in Issue Template Details

Template custom field is also available for Jira Service Desk. You can use created template on the Customer Portal and decide which request types and projects your template will cover.


Before you start, make sure you have installed Jira Service Desk.

Template field is available in Request types on the Customer Portal when at least one template is enabled in Issue Templates Details > Jira Service Desk. You don’t have to add Template field to the target Request type or screen.


  1. Open target template.
  2. Go to Issue Templates Details > Jira Service Desk.
  3. Switch on the toggle to enable using template on the Customer Portal.
  4. Choose a Request Type.

    If you restrict using template to concrete Request Type in Jira Service Desk section, Issue Type and Screens configuration from Template’s Availability section won’t be respected.


    Leave Request Type field empty, if you don’t want to limit the usage of template to concrete request type.

  5. Navigate to the Customer Portal.


Your template is available on the Customer Portal.

Default templates on the Customer Portal

Default templates can be used on the Customer Portal. You can define default template for each request type.


  1. Go to your Service Desk project.
  2. From service desk project sidebar, select Project settings > Default Templates in the Issue Templates for Jira section.
  3. Open For Jira Service Desk tab.
  4. Select template from the drop down list which will be set as a default.
  5. Choose Request Type.

You can Select all issue types to use one default template. After clicking on Select all, available issue types display in tab. It is possible to apply default template to all issue types (click Apply to all). Click on bin icon to delete default template.


If you disable a template in Availability tab, a warning icon appears next to the template name.


Selected templates are set as defaults on the Customer Portal for defined request types.

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