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Last updated Apr 16, 2023

Template Project Workflow

Learn how to manage your templates availability with a dedicated workflow

The Template Repository project has a dedicated workflow TEMP: Issue Templates Default Workflow for Templates that allows you to manage your templates’ availability in many contexts.

This workflow gets automatically associated with two default issue types: Template and Sub-Template. It allows you to manage the availability of all your templates, especially those that should only be seen by a limited number of users.


By default, every template is available to everyone right after being created, giving you little time to limit its availability, choose the context or hide it from certain projects. Not to mention confidential information used by HR and Finance departments. The Workflow Scheme for Templates allows you to hide a newly created template in all circumstances, as the Disable Template post function overrides all other settings.

Workflow Statuses

Here are the three default statuses:

  1. Draft. You may add the Disable Template post function on the Create Issue transition, to make all new templates disabled.

  2. Published. The post function in its enabling mode is already added on the transition to this status, so that all published templates are available according to their availability settings.

  3. Archived. With this status you may hide a template for all users without deleting it from the project.


The dedicated workflow works only for Templates and Sub-Templates. If you’d like to limit the availability of other issue types, you may either:

  • associate them with this workflow, or
  • manage the availability for all newly created issues in the Template Repository with the Default Availability settings.
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