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Last updated Apr 16, 2023

Template Repository Management

Discover the advanced Template Repository settings


You need administrative permissions to manage the Template Repository.

Template Repository is the default Jira project that stores all templates. It gets created automatically upon the installation of the Issue Templates app. You may decide to create your own project and move the templates there. However, we recommend keeping the original project as it includes predefined issue types and a workflow scheme, ensuring improved template usability.


You can only have one Template Repository. It is not possible to store templates in two or more separate projects. If you are concerned about access rights to certain templates, you can always modify your Template Repository permissions or adjust the Issue Security levels.


Issue Templates fully supports Jira project permissions, so you can manage access to your Template Repository the same way as in any other project. Here is what users with different permission levels can do with templates:

  • Users with the Browse project permission can view templates.
  • Users with the Edit issue permission can edit templates.

Learn more about Issue Templates permissions here.

Template Repository settings

Here’s what you can set up for your Template Repository:

Read more about those features in the next chapters.

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