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My Requests Extension for Jira Service Management
My Requests Extension for Jira Service Management
Release notes
Last updated Jun 17, 2020

Supported fields and third-party app support

Learn more about supported fields which can be displayed as columns and added as criteria.

  • Before you start, log in as a user with Jira Administrators global permission.
  • Field/custom field selection is predefined by Jira admin.

Supported fields/custom fields

Field Columns Criteria
Summary Yes Only with a search bar
Issue Key Yes Only with a search bar
Project Yes Yes
Status Yes Yes
Description Yes Only with a search bar
Priority Yes Yes
Labels Yes Yes
Labels (custom field) Yes Yes
Fix Version Yes Yes
Affects Version Yes Yes
Due Date Yes Yes
Resolution Date Yes Yes
Created Yes Yes
Updated Yes Yes
Assignee Yes No
Reporter Yes Yes
Participants Yes No
Linked Issues Yes Yes
Comment (including internal comments) No Yes
Select List (single choice) Yes Yes (including disabled options)
Select List (cascading) Yes Yes
Select List (multiple choices) Yes Yes (including disabled options)
Checkbox Yes Yes (including disabled options)
Radio button Yes Yes (including disabled options)
Organizations Yes Yes
Text Yes Yes
Text (read-only) Yes Yes
Text Area Yes No
Number Yes Yes
Date Time Yes Yes
Date Yes Yes
Components Yes Yes
Resolution Yes Yes
Time Spent Yes No
Original Estimate Yes No
Time Estimate Yes No
Aggregate Original Time Estimate Yes No
Aggregate Time Estimate Yes No
SLA Yes No
Request Type (including hidden Request Types) Yes Yes
Epic Link Yes Yes
Issue Type Yes Yes

Keep in mind, that using the Epic Link field, as a column or in criteria, might cause a slightly longer loading time of the Requests screen if many requests are to be displayed. It is due to security reasons, where not all existing Epic Links are considered during filtering, but only those that the customer has access to.
For example, the entire Jira instance has 3 Epic Links: XYZ, ABC and 123. The customer only has access to requests which regard Epic Links XYZ and 123. Therefore, in the criteria section, there will be only XYZ and 123 options visible.

Third-Party App Support

Field Columns Criteria
Rich Text Editor from Extension Yes No
Dynamic Forms Yes No
Elements Connect (nFeed) Yes No
Insight Object/s Yes No
Tempo Yes No
SLA PowerBox Yes No
Issue(s) Picker from ScriptRunner Yes Yes
Custom Script Fields from ScriptRunner Yes Yes
Custom Field from Teamworkx Issue Picker Yes No

In the Teamworkx Issue Picker Custom Field preferences, My Requests Extension does not take Display Attributes settings into account.

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