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My Requests Extension for Jira Service Management
My Requests Extension for Jira Service Management
Version 4.x
Version 3.x
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Last updated Jul 28, 2021


Learn about app’s available search methods

You can use search box to search requests by:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Issue Key
  • For Issue Key it’s necessary to search with the exact match which is the whole key (for example: SUPPORT-32459).
  • You can search by multiple Issue Keys at the same time.
  • Searching with free text works only for Summary and Description fields.

Use the * symbol to perform a multiple character wildcard search.

Wildcard search
Wildcard search

You can use || or OR to find a matching request if either of the terms exist.

OR search
OR search

The ‘-’ symbol excludes requests that contain the term after the ‘-’.

Exclude search
Exclude search

For more information about search methods, go to Jira search syntax for text fields.

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