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Last updated Mar 3, 2022

Migration from Server to Cloud

Overview of Queues for Jira Server and Cloud

While considering migration from Jira Server to Cloud, it is recommended to consider differences in features offered by apps for these hosting types.

Luckily, Queues provides roughly the same set of versatile features both for Server and Cloud. Therefore, you can choose the hosting that best suits your company without worrying about potential loss of Queues functionalities.

The only minor functionality missing from Queues Cloud is the option to customize the Queues link. This is due to current Jira Cloud limitations.

Keep in mind, that there is currently no direct migration path for app data and configurations from Server to Cloud. However, both Queues Server and Cloud offer export of Queues to a .JSON file and import from a .JSON file. Those features can be used to migrate data from Server to Cloud.

Keep in mind, that you will also need a separate license for a Cloud app.

For more information on migrating from Jira Server to Jira Cloud, see Atlassian documentation.

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