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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Jul 12, 2022

For whom

We designed TestFLO to meet the needs of test managers, test leads, manual and automation testers. Additionally, project managers and developers, and sometimes business analysts, benefit as well.

TestFLO’s legendary configurability makes it adjustable to any scenario. This is especially valued by those who prefer to shape their reality and feel constrained by rigid solutions. Also, those who have to comply with industry regulations choose TestFLO.

If you do large-scale testing with thousands of test case executions, TestFLO is ready to do the heavy lifting without affecting your Jira’s performance.

Test Managers and Test Leads

Managing teams of testers to provide high-quality products requires excellent insights about your tests’ progress and tools to align your teams around common goals. We listened. Here is our response:

  • end-to-end reporting from requirement through test case to defect
  • instant information about automated and manual tests’ progress
  • requirements coverage reports


Patience, curiosity, creativity, and diligence are the hallmarks of good testers. We have built TestFLO to boost these traits with:

  • reusable repository of preconditions and test cases grouped into a tree to speed up creating test plans and test cases
  • the ability to link test case steps to defects, commented on them, and provide them with their own attachments
  • support for continuous integration servers to run your automated tests from Jira and get their results back into Jira

Project managers and developers

Having test management in one environment with all your software and hardware development activities benefits everybody. Project managers get a full overview of all efforts, and developers can easily communicate with the testers and combine their work.

  • oversee all project efforts with ease and greater accuracy
  • enable the developers to see the steps to reproduce a bug
  • JQL functions dedicated to creating accurate test dashboards

Jira administrators

Being able to adjust TestFLO to any test process gives you the freedom to meet your team’s requirements. TestFLO comes with a complete toolbox that administrators can use:

  • fully customize issue types, fields, and test workflows
  • add Views that can be embedded into your issues to show related Jira issues (filter result panel)
  • workflow extensions allowing automation and implementing additional process restrictions
  • you can use TetsFLO’s extensions in other processes as well