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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
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Last updated Nov 17, 2020


This section provides information on how to design and use Preconditions.

Once you start writing a test, the Preconditions can help you determine the list of conditions that have to be done before a test is run. This can be a database configuration, logged-in user, or another condition that helps to perform a given test. All written Preconditions can be used several times. This is possible with the Preconditions repository, which avoids writing the same conditions several times.

Create Preconditions


To create Preconditions:

  1. To start creating Preconditions, you have to enter the editing mode. There are three ways to get to the Preconditions edit mode:
    a. Edit on Create Issue Page. After clicking the Create button in top navigation bar a Create Issue page is displayed. On this page, after selecting Test Case Template as Issue Type it is possible to edit precondtions.
    Edit preconditions with TestFLO Jira Test Management

    b. Edit on the issue. On created Test Case Template you can enter edit mode using the Edit button on the issue.
    c. Edit in Preconditions panel on issue view. On created Test Case Template click on the pencil in the Preconditions panel.
  2. When the Preconditions edit mode is available you can start create preconditions.
  3. Click in the bar and fill it with first precondition.
    Add preconditions with TestFLO Jira Test Management
  4. Click on Add row to fill the next precondition.
  5. If the preconditions are ready, click checkmark to save.
    Add preconditions with TestFLO Jira Test Management


Preconditions added to the issue.

Delete preconditions

To delete a precondition just click on the bin icon.

Delete preconditions with TestFLO Jira Test Management

Add precondition from/to repository

You can add preconditions to the repository and use the already existing ones.


The Preconditions repository allows you to avoid writing the same preconditions all the time. To read more see Preconditions repository.

  1. Use existing preconditions from a repository
    If there are preconditions in the repository, all you have to do is enter the first three letters of the word in the input bar and all terms that contain the word will appear.
    Add preconditions with TestFLO Jira Test Management
  2. Add preconditions to repository
    If you want to add a precondition, click on the plus icon. After clicking, it will be saved in the repository and from that moment you will be able to reuse this precondition.