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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
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Last updated Nov 17, 2020

Test Case execution

This page provide information about Test Case execution.

Test Case workflow processing

After creating Test Cases on the Test Plan, you can start processing test execution. By default, the Test Case has its own workflow, which is based on five statuses: Open, In progress, Pass, Fail and Retest. You can start running Test Cases using default workflow or change it and adapt to your project needs.

Executing Steps

You can configure Test Case workflow in the same way as other workflows in Jira.

Changing steps statuses

The next step of processing Test Case is execute test steps. After preparing the test environment and meeting all the preconditions, you can start executing the steps. There are three ways to change execution status of steps in Steps panel:

1. Single status change

To change single step status, hover over the status in the appropriate step and click on the one that indicates the step execution.

Executing Steps
Single status change on the Steps panel

2. Bulk status change

To bulk change you can use the Status button. Click on the Status and choose appriopriate execution status for all steps.

Executing Steps
Bulk status change on the Steps panel

3. Status change for steps group

If the steps are divided into groups, you can change the status for a single step or use the Change option and change the status of the whole group of steps.

Executing Steps
Status change for steps group on the Steps panel

Steps operations

Each step contains operations under one button. With its help it is possible to:

  • Edit given step
  • Add comment
  • Upload attachment
  • Create defect
  • Link defect
Executing Steps
Steps operations on Test Case

During the Test Case execution, you can find a defect. You can create new defects for whole Test Case or a specific step. You can also link existing defects to Test Case or attach it to a given step.

1. Create new defect

Creating defect
Creating defect on Test Case

1a. Create Defect on Test Case using Create Defect operation.

1b. Create defect on a particular step. The issue key of created defect will be visible in Defects section on a step.


To get more information about Create Defect operation see Test Case operations.

Linking defect
Linking defect on Test Case

2a. Link existing defect with a Test Case.

2b. Link existing defect to a step.


To get more information, see Link with Defect operation.

Test executions tab

One Test Case can be execute many times in many Test Plan iterations. Each execution details is stored in Test executions tab.

  1. The Test executions tab is located in Activity section on Test Case.
  2. If you want to quickly preview earlier or actual executions click on Details.
    Test executions on Test Case
    Test executions on Test Case
  3. The Execution details shows the basic information about the execution in given iteration.
    Test executions on Test Case
    Executions details