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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Nov 17, 2020

Test planning

This section contains information about planning and organizing tests.


To start planning tests enable the Test Execution module. To get more information see project configuration.

Test Plan

When the Test Execution module is enabled the Test Plan issue type becomes available. Test Plan is a specific TestFLO’s issue type that aggregates Test Case in a Test Cases panel. With Test Plan you can define the effort needed to validate the quality of the application, plan what tests the testers have to perform, plan the order of testing and many more. Start planning tests using Test Plan.

View of the Test Plan
View of the Test Plan

Test Plan is a standard issue type. You can configure fields in the same way as for any native issue in Jira.

In addition, you can also configure a different issue type as a Test Plan. An additional issue type as Test Plan will behave as a standard Test Plan. It will contain all its components and operations.


To learn more how to configure additional Test Plan see Additional Test Plan issue types.

Test Cases panel

The Test Cases panel contains list of tests to execute. The Test Cases are created by using Create Test Cases operation. The name of the header of this panel may vary depending on which viewing mode you are in. The viewing mode you can change in the Test Information panel in the Progress section. There are two modes:

  • Current Iteration which shows Test Cases in current Test Plan iteration. In this mode the panel is called Test Cases from Current Iteration.
Current iteration view mode
Current iteration view mode
  • All Test Cases which shows all added to Test Plan Test Cases. In this mode the panel is called All Test Cases.
All Test Cases view mode
All Test Cases view mode

The number of Test Cases displayed in the Current iteration mode can be different than in All Test Cases mode.

Organizing Test Cases

The Test Cases panel is modifiable. You can decide which information you want to be visible on the panel (eg. Defects, Assignee, Status, Steps Progress, Environment, etc.). See Test Cases panel columns at TestFLO Settings in Test Case section and adapt the columns to your needs.

You can also to determine how many Test Cases are shown per page depending on whether the panel has groups or not. See Page size: single TC group and Page size: multiple TC groups at TestFLO Settings in Test Case section.

When the Test Cases panel contains multiple of Test Case groups, you can decide how many groups are displayed per page. See Page size: Number of TC groups in TestFLO Settings under Test Plan section to set the desired number.


If you set a very high number in Page size: Number of TC groups, large Test Plans with thousands of Test Cases and more than a hundred groups may cause the Test Plan issue view to load slowly.

Test Cases panel view
Test Cases panel view

Adding Test Case group

Test Cases can be grouped under Test Plan for better transparency and logical structure.


To add Test Case group

  1. Click Add Test Case Group.
  2. Name the group. You can also add several groups at once. All you need to do is click Add group on the Add Test Case Group dialog and the next group will be added.
  3. Click Add.


Groups have been added to the panel.

Creating Test Cases under Test Case group

To create Test Cases under given Test Case group use the plus icon to the right of the TC group name.

Editing and deleting group

To edit name of the group click pencil and rename group. Click Save to save the change. To delete group click pencil and then Remove and confirm operation.


The Test Cases from the removed group will be transferred to the general group.

Moving Test Cases to group

To move Test Cases to given group select Test Cases you want to move. Click on the cog icon and select the appropriate group from the list.

Changing group order

Use arrows next to cog icon to change the order of the Test Case group.

Changing Test Cases order

There are two ways to change the Test Cases order. Use drag&drop or arrows to sort Test Cases.

Show in issue navigator

Click Show in issue navigator link to redirect to Issue Navigator. From that point you can execute bulk change on group of your Test Cases:

  • Change assignee (issue edit)
  • Pass/Fail/Retest many tests at once (issue transition)
  • Change version, component, due date, etc. (issue edit)

Test information panel

The Test information panel shows relevant information and allows you to use operations connected with the Test Plan.