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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Nov 17, 2020

Upgrade reports

This page provides information about significant upgrades of TestFLO.


The Upgrade reports page appears only when the migration was performed.

This page shows the upgrade status of the significant TestFLO elements in the given version.

  • Version 5.1: migration of Steps custom field. We replaced old Steps (Dynamic Table CF) to new Steps (TestFLO Steps) and all components associated with it.
  • Version 6.0: upgrade of Test Plans and Test Cases with a new Iteration mechanism.
  • Version 6.1: migration of JQL and columns from Panel Filter Result to new panel configuration.
  • Version 6.2: possibility to order the Panel Filter Result on the issue view.
  • Version 7.2: Test Execution Report.
  • Version 7.3: changes in Steps configuration. Added not editable and not executable issue statuses.
  • Version 7.8: migration of fields from filters used to export issues.
  • Version 7.9: new custom field Test Plan Defects (TestFLO - TestPlan Defects type).
  • Version 8.3: new custom field Test Repository folders (TestFLO - Test repository folders type).


To get to the Upgarde reports page:

  1. Go to the Jira Administration > Add-ons.
  2. Click the Upgrade reports page.
Upgrade reports page


View of Upgrade reports page.


During the upgrade a progress bar will be displayed in Upgrade reports page. TestFLO users are also informed about the upgrade duration in the Test information panel. After the upgrade is completed, the corresponding status is displayed.

Upgrade reports page

Upgrade status

Status completed

If the upgrade was performed correctly, a message about the version will be displayed and the upgrade status will be shown as completed.

Upgrade reports page

Status incomplete

If status is shown as incomplete the upgrade was performed but some components will need manual change (these can be workflows, validators, conditions etc.). In this case, manual verification of the conflicts will be needed. Click Details to check the result of the report and make all necessary operations. After repairing all conflicts, the status will be automatically changed to completed.

Upgrade reports page

Status fail

If the upgrade status will be displayed as failed, the upgrade failed due to unexpected errors. In this case, all changes will be reverted. To try again the migration click the Start migration button or contact with the support team at Customer Portal.

Upgrade reports page

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