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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Mar 3, 2021

Version 8.6.x

Version 8.6.1 (04 Mar, 2021)


  • Compatibility with Jira 8.15.


  • Links to options in custom fields configuration in an incorrect position.
  • The Status column header is missing in the Steps field when the Test Case has the status that was selected in the Not executable statuses option.
  • Error 500 during creating Defects if in Defects section in TestFLO Settings the defect link is not set.
  • The message on the Panel Filter Result page extends beyond the infobox.
  • Long Test Case Summary without spaces extends the Test Plan Iterations tab.
  • Active tab headers in project configuration when using Customize path.
  • The error icon is obscured when editing the folder name in Test Repository.
  • The throbber icon in the Copy Test Plan dialog overlaps the table headers.
  • The Issue status select box is too wide in the TestFLO - Linked Issues Status Condition.
  • Link in the issue header in the exported file to HTML is not redirecting the user to a given issue.
  • Correction of the operation name in the description for the Update Test Cases operation permission.
  • Wrong JQL query in TestFLO menu in Test Plan option.
  • Aui buttons should not have the aui class.
  • The user cannot create the Sample project on the Getting Started page if TestFLO Project has been created in the Jira instance.
  • Test Cases list is displayed in the wrong place in the Create Test Cases dialog on Jira 8.15.
  • Unnecessary scrollbar when there is a little content on Execution details view in Test Plan Iterations Gadget.
  • The Iteration progress bar is displayed in different lengths for iterations with and without fail status.
  • The cursor in the Select fields is displayed with border - problem with the component on Jira 8.13-8.14.
  • TestFLO - Related Issues Status Condition has an option with the wrong name..
  • Redundant pagination buttons in TestFLO projects table when only one page is available.
  • The upgrade task for version 7.8.0 fails when filter id is an empty string (migrated filter from the Filter for export TP, Default filter for export, and Filter for export TC options).
  • Error when running Update Test Cases operation, when Test Case parent is not configured as a Test Plan.
  • The upgrade task for version 8.5.0 fails when the Test Plan has no Iterations and the Test Cases have no executions.

Version 8.6.0 (23 Feb, 2021)


Enforce the order of Test Case execution as defined in Test Plan using:


  • With the new option of the Test Plan Execution Report which is based on steps from Test Cases, you will be able to check the progress with more granularity. Additional filtering will help you narrow down your report results even better.
  • Save yourself a click when removing steps and steps groups with new options in the Steps field - Remove all and Remove group with steps.
  • Autoscroll in the Steps field will take you to the row where you performed the Create Defect or Link Defect operation. You will no longer have to search for a particular row when there are a lot of them.
  • More precisely information with the possibility to generate a snapshot with the Steps comments using the TestFLO - Make snapshot of test progress state post-function.
  • You can extend your test scripts with the new public Next Iteration REST API method.
  • The deleted Test Plan key from Test Cases Summary in the Test Cases panel will give you extra space to view other important information.
  • Removed deprecated TestFLO elements: TestFLO - Remove Test Cases custom field and Delete-able statuses configuration from the Test Case tab in TestFLO Settings.


  • The 1024x487 resolution is not supported in the Test Plan Execution Report.
  • The Test Repository folders panel is rendered for a Test Case Template in a project without TestFLO enabled.
  • After deleting a row with an attachment in the Steps field in edit mode, the attachment is removed from the row and issue when you cancel the change.
  • The order of links in the Test Repository folders panel is not refreshed after change the order of folders in the Test Repository folder tree.
  • Wrong JQL query when selecting “Labels” filter in Test Repository basic search.