TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Dec 17, 2019

Create TCTs In Bulk

With Create TCTs In Bulk operation you can create multiple Test Case Templates in one action. First define the tests in general and then you will be able to specify all the information you need to perform the tests.


To create Test Case Templates in bulk:

  1. Select Create TCTs In Bulk from TestFLO menu.
    Create tests in bulk
  2. Select project in which you want to create Test Case Templates.
  3. Write summaries for Test Case Templates.

    Each line corresponds to the Summary of a Test Case Templates that will be created.

    Create tests in bulk
  4. Click Create to create Test Case Templates.


The Test Case Templates were created. You can view the created Test Case Templates by clicking Go to created Templates or close the dialog with the Close button.

Create tests in bulk