TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Jan 7, 2020

Permissions tab

The TestFLO project permissions allow to grant a different level of access to use TestFLO operations. If you want to grant permission for a specific user, group or role without changing the global settings, you can achieve this with the project’s permission settings.


This option overrides the TestFLO Global Permissions.

Permissions in project settings

Permissions overview

Permission Description
Manage Test Repository Allows users to use operations available in Test Repository. Affects functionalities:
  • create a new folder
  • rename a folder
  • move a folder
  • delete a folder
  • add/move Test Case Templates to a folder
  • remove Test Case Templates from a folder
Next Test Plan Iteration Allows users to create the Next Test Plan Iteration. This operation is available in the Test Plan.
Reset Test Plan Iteration Allows users to use the Reset current iteration. This operation is available in the Test Plan.
Steps execution Allows users who do not have permission to edit issues to execute Steps. Executing Steps means changing the status of steps, adding comments, creating and linking defects.
Update Test Cases operation Allows users to use the Update Test Cases operation. This operation is available in the Test Plan and Test Case Template.

Override global permissions

Turn on


To turn on the Override global permissions

  1. Click slider Override global permissions.
  2. Grant or Remove permissions like in the TestFLO Global Permissions.
    Override global permissions in project settings


The TestFLO Global Permissions have been overwritten.

Turn off

To disable the Override global permissions setting in the project just click on the slider. Permissions will be reset and project will use the TestFLO Global Permissions.


Resetting project permissions will remove any changes made in permissions.