TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Oct 10, 2019

Versions 7.5.X

Version 7.5.1


  • Load more button in the Test Repository is hidden.
  • Cannot move Test Cases within TC groups when a sub-task is created in the Test Plan.
  • The Next iteration operation is available in the More menu on Test Plan, even if no Test Cases have been created.
  • The order of sub-tasks in the Additional Test Plan issue type is not saved.
  • Request to isExtendedViewModeEnabled is called multiple times when opening the Test Case issue.
  • Copy Test Plan operation can be performed when the target project does not have a Test Case issue type in the Issue type scheme.
  • JQL filters shared with the projects are not available in the Test Reports.
  • Moving issues different than TC and TCT with Bulk Change cause viewing inappropriate info about Remove Steps.
  • A large number of entries in the Test Execution Report Summary cause HTTP Status 400 or blank page.
  • User cannot use saved public filters by another user in the CSV TCT Exporter.
  • Jira Administrator without Administer Projects permission cannot view the Permissions tab in the project configuration.
  • Error in logs while Update Test Cases operation.
  • Steps are not visible when the issue is opened through a built-in filter.

Version 7.5.0




  • The Sample project from the Getting Started page is generated without issues.
  • When a user clicks on the checkbox on the top of the Test Cases panel then only the first page is selected.