TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Nov 26, 2019

Requirement operations

This page contains information about the operations that can be performed on the requirement.

Each requirement has dedicated operations:

Create Test Case Template

This operation allows you to create a Test Case Template directly under the given requirement. After creating the Test Case Template, the issue key of the requirement from which Test Case Template was created automatically will be filled to the Requirement field.


The Create Test Case Template operation will be available on the requirement if the specific project and issue type will be configured in the Test Management settings. To learn more, see the Requirements tab.


To use Create Test Case Template:

  1. Click menu More and choose Create Test Case Template operation.
    Requirements operation
  2. You will be redirected to Create Issue page. Fill in all nessecary field and click Create.

    The Project and Issue Type will be automatically fill out. The Requirement field will not display on Create Issue page due to the fact that the linking with requirement issue is perform in the background.


Test Case Template has been created. On the requirement issue created Test Case Template display in the Coverage panel.

Requirements operation

Create Test Plan

To learn more, click here.

Create Test Plan with Test Cases

To learn more, click here.