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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Jun 19, 2020


TestFLO roadmap is publicly available as a Trello board. Everyone can check our next plans, things that we are currently working on and the features already completed.

The following rules apply to the board and items visible on it:

  • Bug fixes are not included.
  • Planned column contains only a few items being close to the top of the backlog.
  • Waiting for release column contains completed items, but the version might require other tasks to be finished before it’s released.
  • Cards may have a brief description and screenshots attached.
  • Cards are labeled with a version number only if it was fixed.
  • Cards may be labeled with a period of time in which the feature is planned to be released.
  • The board is updated at least once every two weeks.

View the Roadmap and see what is going on in TestFLO.