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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
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Last updated Jun 19, 2020

Test design

This section provides information on how to start design tests.


To start designing tests enable the Test Repository module. To get more information see project configuration.

Test Case Template

After enabling the Test Repository module, the Test Case Template issue type becomes available. This is an issue type which is template for creating future Test Cases. Test Case Template is an not executable issue type. It becomes executable when you add it to Test Plan with Create Test Cases operation. Creating templates gives you the possibility to easily manage tests and make changes to already created Test Cases from a given Test Case Template. Once written Test Case Template you can use multiple times to different Test Plans.


Test Case Template is a standard issue type. You can configure fields in the same way as for any native issue in Jira.


You can create Test Case Templates individually or in bulk using Create TCTs In Bulk operation.

Writing tests with Jira Test Management


Once you start writing a test, the Preconditions can help you determine the list of conditions that have to be done before a test case is run. This can be a database configuration, logged-in user or another condition that helps to perform a given test. All written Preconditions can be use several times. This is possible with the Preconditions repository, which avoids writing the same conditions several times.

Writing preconditions with Jira Test Management

To get more information see Preconditions.


One of the elementary parts of the test are steps. The Steps panel allow to define a list of instuctions which are necessary to perform the test. You can add attachments, import and export list of steps or organize steps using groups. You can also customize the configuration of Steps panel and decide on number and name of columns.

Writing steps with Jira Test Management

To learn more about how to use Steps see Steps design.

Test information panel

The Test information panel shows relevant information and allows you to use operations connected with the Test Case Template.